ég trúi á sigur okkar ~

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19, Post-Transplant Cancer Survivor, Music Dork.

Apr 21

So I really don’t enjoy a lot of the drama and annoying things on tumblr which is really why I stopped using this but I hope the folks on here who were always nice to me are doing well.

If any of you are wondering at all, I’ve been very busy returning to normal life back home and I’m very happy and very healthy :-)

I don’t plan to post on this blog really but I figured I’d write a little something.


wow a lot of you have the same url i can actually tell who some of you are

anyway i’m gonna start a photo blog or something because I want to get back into photography that isn’t iphone photography

we’ll see what happens

Jan 2

I’m still on a hiatus

Dec 25

Nov 4

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